Consultant Hard At Work

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Consultant Hard At Work

I would like to tell you the story of Irene, a /sweet/sweet-girl/">sweet girl I met at a business meeting. I am a married man, working as a consultant, and Irene is the project manager of one of our clients. When I first met her, I couldn't help myself realizing how beautyful her eyes were. When I shaked her hand, I felt the softness of her skin which sent shrivers down my spine. She's 65" with dark hair, white skin, beautyful eyes, /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts and an awesome ass. Her words are /sweet/">sweet and soft, but her lips seemed to be much sweeter and softer.

Now after I met her, I was looking forward for the meetings of that particular client just to see her. At these meetings, I couldn't even listen to any single word because I was rather watching her lips move. I had a hard-on everytime she stood up to draw something on the whiteboard because I was watching her ass instead of the board.

I think I never wanted to fuck someone that /bad/">bad, I wanted to make love to her for hours without stopping for a single moment. She was just too damn sweet, I felt like a child begging for candy but afraid to ask for it. After all, I couldn't even express a tiny bit of my dreams because of damn business ethics.

Somehow, everyone gets lucky sometime, and Lady Luck seemed to smile upon me 3 weeks afterwards. 3 weeks of dreams and jerk-offs, of course.

As I was working on my laptop, she came to me and called me to her room to discuss some details. I ran after her, closed the door and sat down, we were alone in the room. She pulled out some papers and we started to discuss the time plan of the project. At some point of the discussion, she stood up, turned around and started to paint a chart onto her whiteboard. As usual, I was watching her ass, and being sure that no one else could see it, I started stroking my dick.

It felt wonderful, until I realized that she was watching me through the mirror on her wall. She turned around with a weird look on her face, and said "What are you doing?" in a surprised, but calm voice. "I... I apoligize, I should't be doing this" I said, hopelessly trying to keep my eyes away from her lips and her nipples - did I mention that she wasn't wearing a bra that day? Did I mention how beautyful her small breasts are?

"You were watching my ass, right?" she said, as she took small steps towards me. I didn't know what to say, but "I couldn't help myself, Irene" probably wasn't the best choice. "I see", she replied - she still seemed to be surprisingly calm. She took a few more shy steps, biting her lower lip, now she was standing very close to me. "I want to ask you a question, but I want you to be honest, OK?" she said. "Err, ok, sure" I said, what could go worse as she was able to see my rock-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick over my pants? "Were you thinking about something sexual?"

Now that was a turning point of the whole event. I could say "No" and keep on with my carriere, or I could say "Yes" and take the risk of ruining everything, for the chance to be able to, you know...

"I think you are sweet, Irene" I replied, choosing the diplomatic way. She gave me a half smile, took my hand, put onto her right ass cheek and said "Would you like to touch me and see if I'm really that sweet?" My heart was about to explode out, I couldn't believe what was happening there. It only took me a couple of seconds to recover myself; I put my other hand on her left ass cheek and pulled her close to me, so close that I could smell her beautyful breasts. "You seem to be sweeter than I thought, but your clothes are stopping me from experiencing it directly", I said.

She smiled again, and gently swifted away from between my hands. She walked slowly and walked to lock her door. She came back while unbuttoning her blouse, and whispered into my ear "Do you know how much I enjoy being liked by married man?" Until that moment, I wasn't thinking about my wife, but I couldn't care less, I just said "For the /first-time/">first time I'm glad that I'm married". Irene chuckled, and said "Now I want you to make love to me just like you full hd xvideo download make love your wife".

That was all that I needed to hear. I reached under her totally unbuttoned blouse and started stroking her breasts. I slowly smelled and kissed the area between her breasts, oh yeah, her skin was sweeter than anything imaginable and the scent of it was making me fall into a deep state of peace. She closed her eyes and her breathe got deeper as I started to suck and bite her nipples while I was stroking her ass. She took my head between her hands and let me lick and suck her left breast for what seemed to be like minutes. As she let my head go, I gave her a huge lick from her left nipple towards her belly, and sucked her belly button afterwards. While I was kissing her belly, I already unbuttoned her skirt and with a gentle movement, she let it fall onto the ground.

She was still standing up, facing me and breathing heavily when I let my hands slip into her panties, grasping those gorgious ass cheeks. She seemed to like my hands on her ass, SO I started rubbing my middle finger between her cheeks, brushing her anus softly. With a sudden movement, she started kissing my lips tenderly, sucked my tongue and continued with biting my lips like /crazy/">crazy. I moved my middle finger further and started rubbing her anus and cunt at the same time. Just as I reached even further and touched her clit, she quickly moved away, got rid of her panties and sat onto her desk, with her total naked body.

Still being a little bit shy, she opened up her legs and looked me with desire. This girl was so sweet and so sexy at the same time, I thought I was going to pass out just by watching her. But wait, I moved forward, and with a sudden rush, I gave a huge lick to her pussy. She yelped, breathed shallowly a couple of times and looked to see if I was going to give her more. Oh yeah, did I give her more of that! Her pussy was sweet as candy, I licked her outer lips and clit for minutes, leaving it soaked with my saliva and her pussy juices. My final movement was to penetrate my tongue deep into her cunt over her clit, which made her /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard. Trying not to scream, she moved her body eagerly forward, pressing against my face and let her juices flood into my mouth. I enjoyed drinking from her pussy, imagining what was coming next.

It took her a couple of seconds to get up and unzip my pants. As I sat down and she pulled my pants to the halfway, she saw that my dick had explored his way out of the peehole in front of my boxer shorts. She seemed to be amused with that sight, so she decided to suck my dick from that position. She started licking my dick while holding free porn movies download my balls in her hand. Every single tongue movement brought me to the edge; man, the sweetest girl ever was licking my dick! The idea got me so excited, I shoot the first load of cum before she could even suck me once. She seemed to be surprised by this reaction, but we both knew that there was more to cum.

In spite of my explotion, I still had a hard on. She stood up, got closer and hugged me tightly, leaving my face burried between her breasts. "I want you to come inside of me just like you come inside your wife", she said. Just hearing these words made my heart skip a few beats, but the sensation of her legs around mine brought me back to the heat of the moment. I felt her getting lower and lower, without being able to see anything but the darkness of her chest. Suddently, I felt her /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips at the top of my dick. Without any sign of a hurry, she took my entire shaft into her, it seemed like every inch lasted 10 seconds or something. After my entire dick was inside of her, she let me loose and I started humping her, gently, but getting faster and faster. She responded by jumping and riding my dick, the girl of my dreams was there, alive, hot for me and riding my dick! It went on for what seemed like forever, I was biting her tits and rubbing my finger at her /asshole/">asshole - she seemed to like that! As I entered her anus with my finger, she yelped and I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. I couldn't hold it any longer, and exploded with a mind shaking orgasm, letting my cum flood into her soft pussy. Feeling the heat of my cum, she also exploded and gave a very deep breathe out, closing her eyes tightly, trying not to scream.

We both stood there breathing, trying to get back to ourselves. She smiled at me and said "Your wife is lucky to be married with you". I said "Yeah, I'm also lucky to be married or else I wouldn't be able to, you know...". "Good point!", she smiled at me, and said "Perhaps we should work on this timeplan more often!"

The story doesn't end here, but that's all that I'm going to tell you people.