Me My Wife and a Man

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Me My Wife and a Man

It all started one night when me and my wife were laying in bed. My wife looked at me and said "you know i've always had fantasies about being with a woman." She told me that she had an idea that I could dress up as a girl and be her . I told her that I'd think about it.

The next friday when we got home she asked if I had thought about it and I told her I would do it. She got excited and said thank you and we should do it soon because we were off on vacation for two weeks. WE immediatly got in the car and went to the store where she bought a bottle of hair remover. We then went to a lingerie store to look for me something to wear. She told me I had to go in by myself because she wanted it to be a . I went in and began to look and a very good looking lady came over to ask if I need help. I told her I was looking for something for my girlfriend and she asked me what size she was so I told her she was about my size. She started showing me around and I found a little pink nighty that came with some pink silk panties. She took it to the counter and I payed for it and I she wraped it up she told me that she knew it was for me and I would look sexy in it.

We went home and she told me to get in the shower and use the hair remover. She also told me to use her shower soaps so I would smell like a woman. I took a shower and the hair came right off, I didn't have any hair except on my head. I got out and put on some shorts because she wanted to do my makeup and hair. I told her what color it was and she did my makeup to match and the my hair.

She then went and took a shower and I got dressed. First I put on the panties which felt very sensuous and made me horny. I then put on the nighty which came down to my mid thigh. I looked in the mirror and could see a bulge so I had to tuck my penis which is only about 2 1/2 inches long.

When she got out she was in a black nighty and panties and was so sexy I almost came. She told me how sexy I looked and kissed me. We started getting into it and went to the bed and I started to play with her pussy with my fingers that were polished pink and she started to moan. I started to kiss her and make my way down. I took her panties off and started to lick her and she started moaning very loudly. I got in to it and lost track of what was going on around me until I noticed that her moans became muffled so I looked up and there stood a man with his cock in her mouth. It turned me on so I started licking her again until she came.

He then pulled his cock out of her mouth and lead her to her knees and he sat on the bed. At this point I noticed that his cock had to be at least 6 inches. She immediatly leaned down and took his cock in her mouth. I was so turned on to see the look on his face when my wife was sucking his cock. He looked at me and motioned for me to come over to him which I did and he told me to get on my knees. My wife took her mouth off of his cock and kissed me. She then told me to suck that cock. I didn't want to at first then she started to massage my cock and told me I would get a gift I would never forget as she took my panties off. I slowly leaned down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. I did what my wife does to me. She pulled me off the cock and started to suck it again.

He told her to stop and turn on some music and told me to suck his cock. She turned on the music and he told her to strip. He pushed me away from his cock as she got on the bed and he layed her down. He got on top of her and put his cock in her as she moaned. His cock stretched her pussy and she screamed in ecstacy. He started grinding her as she told him to take her.

He pulled out and layed on his back as she climbed on top of him. xnxxv sunny leone video She lowered herself and before it was in all the way she came again. She rode him hard and I started to suck on her nipples. She stopped and started to ride him with her back towards him and I kept sucking her nipples. She had so many orgasms that I lost count. She got tired and layed down on the bed. He got up and said that he needed some ass. My wife said that she was too tired and told me to lay on my stomach which I did not thinking what was going on.

He layed on top of me and asked if I was a virgin and I told him yes. He then asked if I was ready for his manhood to take my manhood ass he pressed his cock against my ass. I could not believe what came out of my mouth next. "Yes I want your cock in me now." He slid his cock up and down my crack as I eagerly awaited. He finally put it in and it hurt but felt sooo good. He started going in and out slowly and first and started to speed up.

He slowed down and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me up into the doggie style position. He started going again and I looked at my wife and she was playing with her swollen pussy. I found myself start say things like oooagh harder and he did it. I told him to take my ass. He called me his and told me that it was his ass. He then pulled out and rolled me over. He grabbed my ankles and put them on his shoulders and slid his cock in again.

He started fucking me again and told my wife go suck that little penis which she did. I felt so good I started to tense up with his cock in me and it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. I started cumming in my wifes mouth and she kept sucking until I had nothing left. He pulled out and my wife came up to me and gave me a kiss with my . As we were kissing he told us to stop and look at him as he was stroking his cock. He tensed up and let out a long thick stream of cum that landed in my eys and another and another with the cum shots landing all over our faces. When he finished he told me to clean him up with my mouth which I did.

He walked over to the dresser and pulled a pair of panties off of it and told me to come put them on. He handed me the panties and told me to read them. They were pink satin panties like the ones I was wearing but they had Rod's Bitch in white lettering on the back. I put the panties on and he told me to get back in bed and go to real forced anal against her will sleep. He told us we could not clean up and that he would be back in the mourning.