The Jaylynn Chronicles The 4th of July Massacre

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The Jaylynn Chronicles The 4th of July Massacre

One of my favorite holidays has always been the 4th. Fireworks, swimming, barbecue. Whats not to love. My family has always made a trip to the lake every year to celebrate, and this year was no exception. I was tring on my new bikini when my father knocked at the door, "jay jay you ready," I heard from the otherside. "Almost dad, be out shortly." Looking at myself in the mirror wearing my new swim suit I thought, wow I am looking /real/real-sexy/">real sexy right now. I bet everyone is gonna be checking me out with my short hair cut, hot pink bikini, and hot pink nail polish to match. Especially seeing that im only 411" and weight 98 pounds. This suit gives my tiny breast just enough cover that makes them look a little bigger and my 36 inch butt is really hot half naked like this. I threw on a tee shirt and flip flops, so my father couldent protest about the suit, even though Im eighteen he still is a little over protective, grabbed my shades and headed out.

It wasent a long trip, about an hour to the lake. But arriving i realized just how /crazy/">crazy this weekend was gonna be. There were cars and people lined up for miles. Once there it took another hour just to get to our camp site that my father had reserved for us a few months in advance. We pulled up and there were Harley Davidson motorcycles parked all over the place including in our camp spot. I heard my father mention how much this place had changed in the last couple of years, how theres no respect for anyone elses areas anymore. The Harley riders were starring at us as we pulled up in our s.u.v. I noticed the inscription on the back of one guys leather jacket said, "hell on wheels", and as I read this he looked back and blew me a kiss. I smiled at this and turned back looking straight. My father got out, and asked if they would please move from our camp spot. The guys acted a little funny as if they were gonna do no such thing until one man came up and talked to daddy. They shook hands and the other guys started moving around. He signaled for us to get out and as we did I heard him say, "theres plenty of room especially for a war veteran and his lovely family." I noticed he had an inscription on his jacket that said, "captain," so im sure that ment he was the man in charge of all these guys. He seemed nice enough which was a good thing cause alot of his followers dident. I could feel them eyeballing me, and making comments, which was what I was going for wearing this outfit but some of them were scary.

We set up the tents and dad broke out a few beers and started the barbecue. I decided I wanted to get a little sun so I went down to the beach area. Laying out a towel I took off the tee shirt, put my ipod in my ears and started soaking up the sun. I made sure to be careful not to lay out too long, being a red head with fare skin I dident want to get to sun burnt just enough to feel good. With my shades on and my ipod jamming I kicked back xxx and thought, this is what America is all about.

After about thirty minutes of laying on my back I turned and layed on my front making sure I got the same amount of sun on both sides. After about ten minutes I heard a voice say, "hi there cutie whats your name?" I glanced back and there was a couple of the bikers standing over me starring at my half naked teen body. I sat up and said, "hi there, Im Jaylynn." One guy started talking to me saying things like, thats a pretty name to match such a pretty girl, and asking how long we were gonna be at the lake. We conversated for a while until his friend who had walked off a little bit said, "Mack, come on man, leave that little bitch alone, she aint about to give you any." Mack smiled and said, "youll have to excuse my friend Jake he doesent know his manners." I smiled saying its ok and he said, "tonight were going out on the barge, you should join us. Beer, fireworks, hell I think Caps /daughter/">daughter is going out with us you should come itll be fun." I told him I would love too but my dad would throw a fit. "Well what daddy dont know wont hurt him," he said as he walked off.

As night fall came we ate, my father and I shot off fireworks, the guy known as, "cap" sat and drank with my dad, he was the one with the captains patch. His 18 year old daughter was with us as well. We all laughed and talked when Cap told my dad about the little barge ride coming up shortly and how his daughter Brittany dident have anyone to hang out with and asked my dad if I could join them. He was a little reluctant at first seeing that he dident know these people very well, but after my mother said it sounds like a great idea, he gave in. We crowded on the barge which was huge, and set out for the open water. My parents watched as we left.

Once we got out of site Mack came up to where I was sitting dangling my feet in the water. He handed me a beer saying, "see, I told you. Cap gets what he wants." Not sure what he ment by that statement I asked, "me coming was Caps idea?" He turned his beer sky high guzzling it, then rubbed the inside of my thigh saying, "in more ways then one little darling." I drank my beer and thought to myself what did he mean by that. An hour into our boat ride, after I had mingled a little, after I had swam with Brittany, after i had gotten comfortable around these guys another boat arrived with six guys and a women on it. The guys got onto the barge with us and the women said, "Brittany come on its time to go." Brittany kinda frowned and said, "thanks for playing with me Jay, I had a blast." A little confused on were she was going, but a little intoxicated from the 4 beers i had drank I said, "me too Brit maybe we can play more tomorrow." She got on the boat and the two of them left headed back to the camp site. Now I was on this barge with twelve grown, drunk, bikers. And I was starting to understand what Mack ment earlier about Cap getting what he wanted, and a rush of excitement came over me. Its the forth, Im getting drunk and having a good time. No way Im gonna let this night be a bummer. Tonight is gonna be a night to remember.

Mack came up to me. He was tall at 62". He asked if I was having a good time? I told him yeah as i felt some one slap my ass. I looked back and it was Jake. "Its about to get a whole lot better little girl," he said as he approached me from behind. Mack took hold of my chin and raised my head up to where he could look into my innocent eyes. Pressing his bearded lips to mine I could feel his tongue probing the inside of my mouth. He tasted of beer and reefer smoke. He started fondling my tiny breast as I felt Jack grind his rapidly thickening cock in my ass. Wrapping his arms around me and kissing my ear he whispered, "Im gonna fuck you so hard porn videos download little girl youll never forget this night." I could only say the first thing that came to my drunk excited mind, "go for it."

Jake, releasing my top and letting it fall to the floor spun me around. He groped my /tits/small-tits/">small tits slapping them and saying, "look at them little things. I could just suck them dry." Gripping one tightly he placed his lips on the puffy pink nipple and started sucking. Mack who was now behind me started kissing my neck and unbuckling his pants pushing them down and stepping out. I reached back and felt his member with shock and amazement, it was like gripping a baseball bat. I stroked it with my little hand as Jake suckled my breast.

Mack spun me back around and pushing the top of my head lured me down to my knees to where I was eye level with his monster. I took it into my mouth, stroking it with both hands as I did so. My jaws stretched to the maximum amount, and still I was only able to fit a third of his cock in my mouth. At the same time Jake walked up, fully exposed, and also extremely large, grabbed me by the head and shoved his cock into my mouth. I gaged as he thrust into my neck fucking my child like throte. I could hear him say as I gaged and gasped for air, "thats it you little slut choke on that /bitch/dick-bitch/big-dick-bitch/">big dick bitch." When he released my head and exited my throte air rushed in. My eyes watered and saliva strung from my mouth and down my chin. Gasping for air he started ramming his member into my throte again. I opened my throte by swallowing and his cock shot further down my neck tunnel. He was balls deep in my mouth and fucking my throte back and forth, back and forth. I gaged again feeling this thing engulf my entire throte cutting off the air flow. One of the on lookers said, "damn Jake let the little /whore/">whore breath before she passes out," laughing. He released me again exiting my throte and once again air shot into my lungs, eyes watered, snot ran from my nose, and saliva strung down my chin to his cock.

As the laughs continued, and I took enormous breaths I could feel Mack rubbing his huge pipe on my ass. I took this as a way to keep them from choking me with those things anymore so I layed my face on the ground in the saliva puddle, spread my legs, and stuck my tiny bubble butt in the air. "This little slut wants it /bad/">bad bro. Give it to her. Tame that cunt," I heard someone comment as Mack pulled my swimsuit to the side exposing my bald pussy and /asshole/">asshole. He hawked a luggie onto my butthole and as it ran down to my clit he shoved his fingers in my pussy making sure I was nice and moist for his entrance. "Whooo, this little slut is tight. I can barely get my finger in. And look at that little asshole. Its completely closed. I hope youre ready for this bitch." He said as he aimed his elephant trunk at my pussy and thrust into me. His cock shot in tearing into my teen flesh tunnel and opening me wide. His dick was only half way in and I was full. Grabbing my hips, and rolling my cheeks wide he pulled me to him with all his might, ripping into me. He screamed out, "AHHHHH, GOD DAMN IT YOU TIGHT FUCKING CUNT," as his enormous tree trunk chopped its way into me. Once fully sumerged he started slamming into my petite frame with everything he had. Pain and pleasure shot through me as I screeched loudly. Spitting on my asshole again he started fingering it, stretching it as much as he could, while barreling into my pussy. Blow after blow I felt his hips slamming into me. I could hear the cheering from the on lookers, the hooping, the yells. Someone shot off some fireworks,which lit up the night and showed the shadow of him slamming into me faster and faster.

I felt a strong, hard slap across my ass. Then another, when he held me tight saying, "Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum, GOD DAMN IT IM CUMMING..." And hot blasts of semen shot deep into my pussy. I cried out loudly as he coated my inner girl walls with his warm milk. He pulsated a few times then exited my womb. I could feel the worn demolished hole gapping as his cum ran out. The fleshy tissue stated to swell just a bit as he scooped up a glob of cum dripping from my cunt and shoved it into my mouth. I sat up and sucked his fingers like they were a cock. Deep throting them, and looking into his eyes.

I was pulled to my feet as I heard, "see, this cunt cant get enough. The whore loves it." I was lifted from behind by Jack, taken to a table, and slammed down on it knocking the air out of me. He pulled my bottoms down to the floor, spread my legs wide, spit on my asshole, and pulling my head back with a sharp jerk by the hair. As he lined his dick up with my tiny butthole he said, "I dont give a fuck what you want or how you want it. Im not gentle like your new friend Mack over there. And o yeah I dont want no nasty freshly fucked cunt. Im an ass man." And with that being said he slammed into my little asshole hard and strong. His cock tore open my closed tunnel as I screamed out. He covered my mouth with one hand, still holding my head back with the other one saying, "thats it, give me that tight asshole bitch. You belong to me now. Wheres daddy at huh? Where is he? Probably fucking your mommies asshole in your tent on your little slut sheets."

He slammed harder and harder fucking my asshole with all of his might. Letting me go he spread my cheeks giving him deeper access into my shit tunnel. I could feel his cock slamming into the bottom of me making my pussy quake. My insides started to shiver as I feel my body getting ready to explode. Leaning over me he said, "youre enjoying this arent you whore?" Screaming out I replied, "YESSSSSSS," as he spit in my face, and pushed my head down into the table. All of a sudden my body started shaking and I spewed cum all over his deeply submerged cock. He stopped for a second watching me squirm, as my teen juices squirted out. He said, "this little cunt is cumming. Can you believe that shit?" He pulled my head back by the hair and said, "I knew you were a fucking whore. Now take this dick and Im gonna /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth when Im done. He started slamming into me again pounding away at my asshole which was a tad bit simpler since I coated his cock with ass cream. "YES, YES, YES, HERE IT COMES," he said as he exited my now gapping asshole, slamming me down to the floor and shot his loud at my face, creaming my innocence with milky hot batter. I kept my mouth wide but his firemans hose was out of control covering me completely.

I sat there panting, tring to wipe the cum from my eyes when I glanced up and seen the other ten guys fully nude stroking there cocks looking at me. Cap came forward and said, "ok jaylynn you ready for some real fun?" Thats when I realized that this was truly going to be a night I would never forget....