My New College Fetish Smoking Ch 3 The Trip to the Store and Back

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My New College Fetish Smoking Ch 3 The Trip to the Store and Back

I asked Brad if we could use his car, he said with a laugh ’well I need to go to the store anyway for more smokes, you took my new pack and smoked them all’. I told him ’well you helped!’.

I locked-up the apartment and Brad and I jumped into his 2002 double cab Dodge Ram and headed off to the gas station that was just down the block from my apartment complex. When we arrived he told me to just stay in the truck; he would be right back. He returned to the truck with three packs of Newports and a box of condoms. I asked him what he thought he was doing with them, he told me that he rather be safe than sorry. I informed him that I did not have a STD and did not thank that he had one either. He said ’well I don’t want you to get pregnant either’, I let him know that I was taking birth control and he did not have to have a worry in the world, unless Michael found out. We finished our little spat and drove off. 

I opened a pack of Newports and lit one up. I was finding myself actually liking this whole smoking thing. Brad drove off into this dark wooded area just behind the apartment complex. This was it the moment I was waiting for; I was going to fuck my boyfriends’ /friend/best-friend/">best friend. Not just any best friend but I was going to fuck Brad. It started out slow, Brad was sucking on a cigarette and I was sucking on Brad’s /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He pulled his shorts off and then pulled my shirt off, I was not wearing a bra. Brad started kissing and licking my neck; I was nibbling his ear. Our lips met for the first time, then our tongues. He was a great kisser. He started to unzip my pants, I helped. He removed my thong and I felt his fingers part my pussy lips, it was good. He started with one finger inside of me and then two. We were kissing just about the whole time. ’You are wet, very wet, what is it that you want from me’, he said. I whispered in his ear ’I want your hard /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock in my /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy right now!’ 

He lit another cigarette and laid back on the seat. Oh, he was hot. I jumped over to him and we kissed with more passion, our tongues danced together. I was ready. I took the head of his thick cock in my pussy; it took all I had to get him to penetrate /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy. Michael was long but had little girth. Brad was all, long and /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock. The pain that his dick was giving me turned into pleasure after my pussy stretched to accommodate his large cock. I was riding him with great speed and force; I did not want to wear myself out to fast so I stopped. ’What’s the matter Christy’ Brad said, when I stopped fucking him. ’I want you to fuck me’ I said to him with a playful anger. I had to have another cigarette; it was just too good. I jumped out of the truck with the Newport hanging from my mouth and told Brad to get out. ’Why’ he said. I said to him ’you are going to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, fast, good and with a cigarette hanging from your lips.’ ’OK’ was all he said. That was all he needed to say.

I put the tailgate down on his truck and jumped in wwwxxx the back. Still enjoying my smoke I called Brad to the wwwxxx join me in the back of his truck. Both of us still nude I laid down and with a come over here wave Brad was just about to get on top of me and I said you are missing something, he said to me ’no I am not’ and took the cigarette away from me and put it in between his lips. He looked so good. 

He lined up his cock to my still moist pussy and forced his cock inside of me. I let out a scream that I am sure someone else heard. He was fucking me with so much force that I felt like a virgin being fucked for the first time again. He stopped dead in his tracks let me have another puff and flicked it away. As I exhaled he started fucking me again but slower and softer this time. I was almost over the top he put my legs over his shoulders, I felt him enter me more than he already was. His cock felt bigger than 10’ it felt like 13’. ’OH MY GOD I AM CUMMING’ my body was trembling and my pussy was grabbing Brad’s cock trying to milk the cum out of it, he was not ready to cum. My orgasm was so intense, he continued to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder as my orgasm seemed to last for 10 min or more. Brad was loving this. He lit another cigarette but did not even stop the assault on my pussy. His cock was so deep inside of me. He turned me over on my knees. He entered me again. The assault on my pussy was not over. As he entered me it felt like it was his first time entering me the pain and the pleasure mixed again and I felt my body again start to tremble. I was cumming again. It was ecstasy, is was like I have never felt before. After my orgasm was over for the second time Brad pulled out and I felt his tongue enter my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. I think he did it just to put the fire in my pussy out and to give me a break. ’Do you like this’ he asked me. I said ’ you are /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck I have ever had.’ ’You haven’t felt anything yet’ he said. ’Just wait until it’s my turn to cum, unless you want me to pull out first?’ he asked, ’no, no you are going to fill me up with your hot man juice.’ I said back to him. He continued to eat my out as I just laid there.

After about 5min of him eating me out I stopped him and said I was read for round three. I took his cock in my mouth just to lube it up again and I could taste his hot pre cum on my tongue, he was ready. Brad got back in place above me and entered me again. It was a bit less painful and all the more pleasureful. He fucked me hard, our bodies were wet and the aroma of our sex was filling the night air. I needed him and I needed his cum deep in my pussy. I was moaning and screaming his name loudly. ’BRAD, BRAD I NEED YOUR COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY, FUCK YES, OH, FUCK ME HARDER, PLEASE DON’T STOP’, those were the words coming out of my mouth. His cock tensed up his moaning was getting louder, ’I AM GOING TO UH, CUM....’ He did not stop, he kept pumping my pussy harder I felt his dick unleash its juice inside of me, he still did not stop, he drained all of his cum inside my used pussy. He was the only man that I have been with that did not stop after cumming as much as he had came. He was not done; he did not get limp he was harder than ever. He kept up the assault on my cunt for another ten minuets. He came again with more power than before; my pussy was filled to capacity with his hot white creamy cum. He slowed down to a stop. He pulled his still hard dick out of my abused pussy. I sat up and moved towards his shrinking cock, I lowered my head onto it and sucked our juices off of it. We laid side by side in the bed of his truck still naked. I was wondering if Michael was awake yet, it has been 5 hours since we left the apartment, it was 6am and the sky had just started to come alive. Brad lit another cigarette and we shared it. We were just too tired to move, our bodies were drenched with sweat and smell of sex.