My First Bisexual Experience

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My First Bisexual Experience

It was almost 10:00 a.m. on Saturday when the phone rang; it was Rick and Donna, a couple I met through a friend a couple of weeks ago. When we met I told Rick I was Bi curious, knowing that both he and Donna were bisexual as well. Rick asked me if I were busy tonight and apologized for the short notice. I told him I had no plans and he asked if I could come over to their place around 7:30 p.m. and I accepted their offer.

Upon arriving I was met with a healthy handshake from Rick and a big hug from Donna. Donna has shoulder length jet black hair and blue eyes; Rick?s hair is short and not as black as Donna?s but close. We went into the living room and sat down and Donna asked if I would like some iced tea which she and Rick had a glassful and I said yes, please. We talked for it seemed like an hour, discussing our likes, dislikes, turn ons, turn offs and some of our experiences. Being this was my /first-time/">first time in a bisexual situation I had no experiences to share, only listen, ask questions and learn.

It was almost a quarter until 9:00 p.m. and Rick suggested we go to the hot tub for a while. I might add this was a great idea with perfect timing. We undressed by the tub and got into the 104? water. We had plenty of room but yet close enough to touch each other. I was semi flaccid and Rick reached over and took my penis in his hand and started lightly stroking. It didn?t take long to become hard. Rick commented you have a nice shaft. I in turn reached over ad took Rick?s penis in my right hand and stroked it kike I would my own. I was amazed at Rick?s size; he was no less than eight inches and at sexxxx video ful hd least two inches thick. I commented, Rick, you have me beat by a long shot; Rick just smiled and said it is all in how you use it. I leaned the opposite direction and felt Donnas? firm breasts, a nice 40 c. Her nipples were firm and protruded regardless of the water temperature. I slid my hand down to feel her soft vagina; she spread her legs to allow me plenty of room to feel around. The outer lips of her vagina were larger than any other woman I had ever been with. They were quite thick and meaty and swallowed my finger when I slid my finger between them. Both Rick and Donna were shaved; I fondled her clit for a minute and she suggested we go into the other room. While getting out of the hot tub Donna commented on the size of my balls, they are quite large and hang down; whereas Rick?s are smaller and are tight. On the way over to the bedroom we passed through a small bathroom and Donna suggested that she shave me which I thought that was a good idea.

We all got onto the bed and left the light on, there was plenty of light. We did some more touching and both Rick and I were hard as could be and Donna was becoming wet from her own natural lubricants. Donna said since this is your first time would you like a birds eye view and I exclaimed yes. Donna said, you lay on your back right here and I am going to get on top of you in a sixty nine fashion and Rick is going to penetrate me from behind, is that okay she asked, and I said yes. As she positioned herself on me and began to settle down into position her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina met my mouth and her lips parted covering the sides of my mouth allowing my tongue to slide over her clit and into her deep vagina. Donna took my penis and started running her tongue around the head which is a real turn on for me. Then she started putting more of me in her mouth and began sucking. Oh my God, that felt so good, I exclaimed. Rick knelt down into position and with his right hand began to guide his thick penis into Danna?s hot wet vagina.

I could see all of this happening, it was only an inch or so above and it was a real turn on. The head of Rick?s penis disappeared inside Donna. Moving slowly back and fourth Rick went deeper into Donna until he was all the way in. I took my tongue and licked the underside of Rick?s penis, he said that felt good. When he would push he would go all the way in and when I licked it was the small area between his penis and balls. Moving my right arm up out of the way I could reach back and feel Rich?s balls as they we nestled nicely on my forehead. Rick said he really liked this and Donna exclaimed Uh Hugh. Donna was getting wetter, her love juice was seeping out into my mouth and I swallowed it.

This was the best thing I had ever done outside my straight world. We played for xxx sex video download free com several minutes and no one was getting tired. I could tell Rick was getting close by his movements. His pace was picking up even though he was still all the way inside Donna. I took my right hand as slid it just behind Rick?s balls and felt his PC muscle. This is one of the muscles that are used in /ejaculation/">ejaculation of seamen. His was as hard as a rock and I put my thumb and forefinger on either side of it and squeezed lightly. This caused Rick to move at a faster pace and he became vocal as his orgasm began. I could feel his PC muscle contract several times; the first two or three contractions were the strongest and had the largest part of his load, although, with each contraction I knew he was /cum/squirting-cum/">squirting cum inside of Donna. When the contractions stopped he began to move in and out, maybe an inch or so. While we were in the hot tub, Rick told me he had been eating a lot of pineapple so his cum would be /sweet/">sweet. I had tasted my own once and it was salty with a slight metallic taste. Sure enough, the sweet taste began as Rick?s cum gushed out past his penis and the wall of Danna?s vagina. Right at this time Donna began to moan and I began to suck on her clit, sending her into a thrashing orgasm. At this point I wanted to cum but I held back. Rick pulled his erect rod from Donna?s vagina and lay back on the bed.

I told Donna that I liked the taste of Rick?s cum and would like to have more. She got on her knees and spread her legs and I went between. Her vagina only three or four inches above me I could spread her lips apart and see Rick?s cum pooling up at the entrance of hole. I asked her to push and this would help force the cum out of her. As she pushed a drop would fall into my mouth; I know I did not get all of it but Rick sure did shoot a large load into her.

Donna said, now it is time to get you off. She started sucking and moving up and down on my penis. She held my balls and lightly squeezed my PC muscle as she continued with her motion. I was getting close and told her I was about to cum, she sucked harder and faster. She squeezed my PC muscle a couple of times and this sent me off. On my first squirt Donna moaned and went ?umh? and she swallowed; I had two other strong squirts then it trailed off to just trying to totally empty my prostrate. She could tell I had enough as it was getting very sensitive at the head. She told me I was a very heavy cummer. With all three of us laying on the bed, totally exhausted Rick suggested we get back into the hot tub again.

Donna excused her self and returned to the hot tub with three glasses of iced tea. We spent the rest of the evening talking and sharing the fun and feelings we had that night.

We all decided we would do this again. I might call Rick and Donna tonight or possibly you.